Friday, 5 September 2014


Top Row // Miu Miu // Alexander Wang // Vince
Middle Row // NLY // Gianvito Rossi // Miista

We're going to see a lot of trends come and go this season but one that will FLOOD the stores in the coming months is mules. From LA to Copenhagen, mules are the fashion-girl's current shoe of choice. Not only are they surprisingly easy to wear (no, your foot won't slip out of them) but they really do go with everything because of the low cut on the foot. An added bonus is they don't cut off the leg at an unflattering point like a lot of ankle boots do. They look great with 3/4 length pants or a pencil skirt, and because they're so understated they work for both day and night.

There are a LOT of choices out there and you're going to be hit with a whole lot more in the coming months, but if you want your mules to still be relevant when the trend dies down (always a gamble when buying into trends), go with simple and elegant over chunky and heavy. There are a lot of options for flat mules as well, but a lot of them are really resembling black leather Crocs, which for me is more of a deal breaker than almost anything else that could happen to fashion. I know the 'ugly shoe' is having its moment in the sun, but when the sun sets there are going to be a lot of people stuck with some DAMN UGLY SHOES. Don't be one of them! 

When it comes to trends, keep it stylish. Never sacrifice your personal taste for a trend that might make you cool for five minutes. I love every single one of the mules above and would happily wear them straight into next season, trending or not. 

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