Sunday, 1 March 2015

Top 10 || Stylish Men of Television

By James Lourey

In between the perfectly timed dialogue and thrilling dramatic climaxes, several men have stood out over time to be remembered beyond their plot lines and characterisation for their sartorial presence on screen. The stylish male characters on our past and present television favourites have had a huge impact on fashion trending and how the writers intend for their characters to come across to the audience; whether it be to show power, class or plain arrogance... they just wouldn't be the same without their signature seams and stitches. 

I back-tracked through all our memorable male characters to place them in a countdown of the top ten best dressed men on television. 

10. Chuck Bass
Gossip Girl

Chuck Bass sets up a physical appearance that's almost too big to fail. His blatant Wall Street New York style perfectly matches his entrepreneurial status on screen. His love of paisley and banker shirts gives the impression he's more than up to the challenge to back up his pretentiousness in the upper east side. 

9. Will Smith 
Fresh Prince of Bel-air

Patient zero for the spread of the 'side hat', yet no one's complaining with Will setting up fashion for the 90's perfectly. Every drop of cliché was brought out in the series, from acid wash to oversised outerwear, we see his past fashion faux pas making their way back on the runway and store collections. 

8. Barney Stinson 
How I Met Your Mother

 A man who professes he was born in a well cut suit with a perfect tie knot, Barney Stinson encapsulates the man who takes care of his image. His skinny ties and slim suit lapels is the perfect balance between his success and playful lifestyle, backed up with a crisp white or pale blue shirt, continuing the quote that classic style never goes out of fashion. 

7. Niles Crane

No better proof that the old school is the best school than the photo above. Niles' unmissable double breasted and wide peak lapel suits throughout the series gave his high rise apartment overlooking seattle personality the best kind of understated class. Capping things off with the narrow oval framed eyeglasses mimics some of his top ten rivals from today's popular styles. 

6. Don Draper
Mad Men

"Make it simple, yet significant". Don Draper demonstrates seamlessly how to dress for power. Whether he's seen pitching an ad in a deep red tie or a watch thats worth more than the advertising firm he's aimed at, his monotone dark on white suit variations let you know he's all business. 

5. Ross Geller 

The 90's strike again, with Ross' vast collection of sweaters and overcoats, he managed to always look good on screen, matching his caring and goofy nature. Depending on how you like your Ross, if it's his love of beige suits, v-neck jumpers or rocking the 'frankie says relax' t-shirt, he always hit the nail on the head with his smart casual professor persona. 

4. Nucky Thompson 
Boardwalk Empire 

The prohibition boss. All characters on Boardwalk Empire greatly capture the detail and commitment to presentation that the roaring 20's were so famous for, yet Nucky's entirety gives him number four. I'm still waiting for the bold grey chalk stripe suits to takeover men's suiting once again, in my opinion they are the epitome of a deserving gentlemen dressed at his best. Boardwalk Empire's tailors recall the importance of shirt collar variation, as back in the 1920's they were detachable and men would wear shirts for many days on end, simply alternating collars. Nucky's recurring narrow collar and wide peak suits are currently the most popular with high end mens suiting designers of today. 

3. Ari Gold

 Ari Gold is arguably one of best television characters whose tendencies and morals are worth adopting to your own life (for the most part). Ari teaches us guys to not take shit from anyone, work hard for what you want and to stay in shape, all accompanied by a 24/7 'Gold Standard' appearance. Ari's variation of bright blue suits and opened collar confidence always won us over throughout his eight glorious seasons; and it doesn't look like it's going to stop in the movie coming this June. 

2. Zack Morris 
Saved by the Bell

Quite possibly the overall king of Californian surf style. Zack was the complete surfer dude who was the lust of girls and the envy of guys. Some of Zack's outfits would see you exiled from today's fashion scene, yet his constant resorting to double denim, clashing colours or rolled up blazer sleeves were pulled off uniquely and perfectly every time. 

1. Harvey Specter 

Deciding a number one has never been easier. Admittedly I'm bias towards Harvey as his taste is simply undeniable, flying the Tom Ford flag in a corner office sipping on scotch listening to smooth jazz; seriously. In an in depth look at Suit's style undertaken by Mr. Porter, we're told Harvey alternates between ten Tom Ford suits, half being three pieces and all having his trade mark peak lapels. Harvey never strays from his sartorial elegance, constantly wearing Brioni, Giorgio Armani, Thomas Pink and Canali, earning New York's best closer the top spot. Like he'd accept anything else.

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