Monday, 9 March 2015

The Best Mens Style Magazine You've Never Heard of.

by James Lourey

Everyone has had an obsessive nature for collecting, birthed from jealousy of that one kid who had a better card collection to the exceptional itunes playlist that seems to be on point for any occasion. I'd love to be the owner of one of those apartment pictures you see with walls of books ranging from everything from artists bibliographies to statute law encyclopaedias, but I'm probably more of a visual interpreter, (a sugarcoated way to appropriate my own laziness). Hopefully one day soon a page full of text will look hold my attention longer than flipping through pretty pictures, however until then inspiration through looks, trends, combinations and style would be initially dependant on how something is presented, in this case, The Rake magazine is a front runner. 

Speaking fairly generally, the relationships between guys and their magazines may not go past a flick through at in the doctors waiting room or airport lounge; but if you're not just picking up the GQ or Men's Health to subtly skim the sex-women section, then I've got a magazine for you.

'The modern voice of classical elegance', a worthy description of a publication that indulges the highest material and lifestyle desires, presenting itself as a sartorial bible for the man who has everything. The first edition of The Rake was printed in 2009, Wei Koh, the founder of the magazine, recognising the blindness of his ambition stating, "09 was a great year for wine, but a challenging post-financial-crisis period for launching a printed publication". 

The Rake has a unique consistency that refuses to buy into bullshit trends or fads that turn many men against fashion magazines. The stylish bi-monthly guide holds a strong passion for timepieces, well made tailor suits, hidden stores and a perfectionists view on luxury travel, giving readers a greater sense of painful yet addictive eagerness throughout every issue. 

The Rake is a magazine I'd recommend purely to extend or even acknowledge the artistic and passionate aspect of distinctive mens fashion. You or other people may have the view that reserving yourself to these somewhat affluent publications due to their exclusivity and taste level is a form of pretentiousness, however the editor of The Rake Christian Barker notes, "Things only hold the value that we give to them, reflecting what we personally bring to our own warped sense of materialism". 

The Rake founder Wei Koh (left) & constant Rake model David Gandy (centre)

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