Friday, 22 May 2015


In case you haven't noticed already, the biggest trend to come out of this season is anything inspired by the 70's. Think big shades, skinny scarves, glittered boots and some very high waistbands. And of course the staple shape of the 70's - the flared pant. 

Do you remember the early 2000s when skinny jeans first came back on the scene? I recall trying on my first pair of skinny black Tsubis (yes, this was pre-lawsuit that turned Tsubi into Ksubi) at General Pants Co and asking the sales assistant, "Are you sure???" 

Snap forward to 2015 and I'm seeing the same confused and unsure faces in the fitting rooms at Tuchuzy. The flare, the new and 'scary' jean cut, is back, and believe me - you're going to want a pair. 

Go for a high rise - it's more flattering and will look infinitely cooler when styled with a tucked-in silk shirt or cropped tee. And yes... you're welcome to wear them with 70's style platform sandals but if you'd rather not be predictable, opt for a pointed boot or a pointed loafer. The point in the toe of the shoes will help elongate the leg and accentuate your feet so they don't get lost under all that fabric. 

As said by Chloe Lonsdale, founder of MiH Jeans, "When you have the cut of a flare right - even if you don't like flares and you think you will never ever wear a pair - you cannot deny that you look great. It makes your legs look like they come from under your arms, it's super slimming, super leg-lengthening, and you just feel great in them. It gives you a sense of something that you don't get from a skinny jean." 

Lonsdale also believes the flare is here to stay, and like the revival of our cult favourite skinny jean in the early 2000s, this season has given us the next staple jean shape of the coming decade. Here's how to style your flares without looking like you're on your way to a Woodstock revival. 

70s Flares


Flares // Frame Denim // $280
Top // Monki // $14 
Boots // Acne Studios // $780
Bag // Mulberry // $1365
Sunglasses // Christian Dior // $405
Scarf // Saint Laurent // $795
Gypsy Water Perfume // Byredo // $185

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